Comedy Break-Away Pan

Comedy Break-Away Pan

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Here is a wonderful comedy item for magicians and clowns who want to put some laughter into their show!

We are lucky to have been able to get a few of these well made and very special loose bottom pans for this fine comedy item, as they are no longer available with the appearance of the modern Teflon Based Non Stick Pan.

It will be a matter of first come – first served! Size 250mm x 30mm approx.

A spectator is invited to help you and you offer him a pack of cards on a pan like tray.

You shuffle the pack and then have him cut to a card on the tray.

The card is then shuffled back into the pack and you place the tray on the spectators upturned palm, immediately the tray breaks into two pieces, the rim going around his arm while the base is still balanced on his hand – as for the pack of cards it scatters all over the show.

The pan is re-assembled and the spectator names his card – which is now shown to have mysteriously appeared broken inside the pan – you can even have it re-appear in broken jumbo size if you wish. It’s a marvel of simplicity.

The break-away pan can be used in many other ways – beakers, silks, balls and other items can be given to the spectator to hold in the pan and as soon as he takes it the pan beaks apart scattering everything on the floor – always a sure-fire laughter maker!

Comes with the pan & instructions. Use your own cards and other props.

Overseas: This item is heavy/bulky & will require extra postage to your country. Before ordering this item please check with us what extra postage will be required. Thank you.

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