Four Ices

Four Ices

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It’s the Four Aces trick as presented by, “The London Cockney Street Magicians on a corner just orf Leicester Square!

“Here cows & kisses (Missus) ball & chalk (walk) and look at this magic trick before the Sweeney Todd (flying squad) come around. Look, this is the Ice (Ace) of Spades, the Ice of Tarts (Hearts), the Ice of Rubber Dubs (Clubs) and the Ice of Diamonds.

“Take a butcher’s hook (look) see I put three cards on this Ice, three cards on the next Ice, three cards on this Ice and three on the last Ice. Now I take the pile with the Ice of Clubs – look one, two, three, four cards and the Ice of Clubs has GORN (vanished – gone)”

You now continue in this vein vanishing also the Aces of Hearts & Diamonds so that these have also gorn leaving just the Ace of Spades’ pile of four cards.

“Now Missus, that’s a bubble bath (laugh) aint it? Three Ices have gorn – I‘ll bet you a Lady Godiva (fiver) they have all joined up with their brother the Ice of Spades.”

So saying you show the last pile of four cards saying, “Told yer so me old china plate (mate), look the Ice of Chocolate, the Ice of Vanilla, the Rainbow Ice and the Orange Ice all come together, would you Adam & Eve (believe) it? Be sure to tell every geezer down at the rub-a-dub (pub)!”

You turn the last four cards over to show they are indeed pictures of four ice creams as mentioned in your patter and NOT the four Aces! A superb and totally unexpected comedy climax.

Very easy to do and your Cockney accent doesn’t have to be perfect to present it!

Comes with sixteen specially printed, laminated jumbo sized cards (approx 4” x 5.75”), comedy routine & instructions.

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