And then there were ...? pictures model

And then there were ...? pictures model

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This effect was originally marketed by Magictrix and the idea was based on a very popular book published in 1939 by Agatha Christie, unfortunately we had to take it off the market as the title later proved to have an offensive word in it.

The trick is far too good to be ignored so we have reproduced this terrific effect we have renamed it And then there were...?

Both you and a spectator take a few laminated pictures which you explain are pictures of the ten characters in Agatha Christie’s book who met for a weekend house party at a luxurious yet mysterious house on a small private island just off the coast of Devon, setting the scene of the dreadful murders to follow.

You and the spectator each freely choose one of the pictures and swap them over with each other.

When these two pictures are shown to your audience you explain that these two characters were the ones that were ultimately saved by your magic from what would have been an early death.

However, the audience are not convinced and request to see the faces of the other eight pictures.

Anyone turns over the eight face-down pictures to find that each & every one of them has been a murder victim just as told in the famous Agatha Christie novel!

Alternatively the two selected pictures can be shown as the murderers of the eight victims and duly receive their just deserves.

*Only ten pictures are used no extras.
*Spectator has a free choice of picture, no force.
*Baffling & unusual close-up magic that is easy to do.

Comes complete with ten laminated pictures (4” x 3”) & instructions.

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