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Product ID: 4342

A superb close-up and walkabout routine, which uses thirty little plastic pony beads and three dice. With the aid of these pretty beads and three larger colourful dice, you are all set to perform a series of truly amazing predictions one after the ot...

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Mental Hypnosis - Poker size cards-

Product ID: 4341

We have had many requests to supply this outstanding effect in regular Poker Size playing cards, we listened and hear at last it is. A stunning effect with a mental hypnosis flavour that appears completely impossible & yet is surprisingly easy to do....

Only £9.99

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STAR - Table hop size cards

Product ID: 4340

Something old is now something NEW! An exciting ESP mystery with two out of this world climaxes. Explaining about the six classic ESP symbols of Circle, Cross, Wavy Lines, Square, Star and Triangle you place six cards faces down, faces unseen, in front...

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Alien Magic from the Planet of Mr E

Product ID: 4339

The Earth’s magical inventors had completely run out of ideas for new magic, plots and tricks, luckily aliens from the planet ‘Mr E‘ quickly came to their aid by visiting and performing a brand new magical effect, which is what we are offering with...

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Animal Mystery - Close up size cards

Product ID: 4338

You show two piles of twelve matching animal pictures, one pack with red backs and the other pack with blue backs making a total of 24 picture cards. A spectator chooses one set and holds it flat on the table underneath his palm. You take the second...

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Monte Monkey - Larger A4 size

Product ID: 4335

Just remade in larger A$ picture cards. A picture of a Banana is shown and slipped inside a window envelope where the back of the card can be seen at all times and you ask the children to keep an eye on it. Three further pictures are shown to be your pla...

Only £19.99

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