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Ching Ching Coins

Product ID: 4207

Ching, Ching Coins is Eddie’s clever presentation of Jackpot Coins. An outstanding feature effect using several Berolle Chinese Feng Shui Fortune Coins & a glass bowl. This is the trick that Al Koran baffled Einstein with. You show a plastic b...

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Flying Cards - Bicycle

Product ID: 4206

I have never run across an effect to compare with this exciting item by Lu Brent (1903-1993) which has been in my programme of card effects for many years yet seems almost unknown to other magicians. You show a deck of poker-sized playing cards and ope...

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Thought Interception by Eddie Joseph

Product ID: 4205

This is an item that you can carry in your pocket for close-up work at a party or around the bar. Eddie Joseph has used it for many years to good advantage. It can be used for club & stage presentations as well. It is also suitable as a demonstration of...

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Card Crazy

Product ID: 4204

I’ve said it myself, “Not another card trick?” the answer is a big “YES” but what an entertaining trick this is. Both you and your audiences will go crazy over this one, yet it is so easy to do using just ten unfaked poker sized playing cards t...

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Bicycle X-Ray Deck - Red backs

Product ID: 4202

The performer hands half a deck of playing cards to an audience member and keeps the other half for himself. Turning his back to the spectator, he asks him to freely pick any card among the cards that he has been given, remember it, and then slide it...

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Devil & his Angels

Product ID: 4201

A fascinating close-up miracle without any sleight of hand. Three picture cards with a Devil on each and a further three cards with a fallen Angel on each of them are shown. You place one Devil between two Angels and one Angel between two Devils, th...

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