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Comedy Perverse Spots - table-hopping size

Product ID: 4352

You asked for this popular comedy effect in table-hopping size, so here it is just remade and ready to knock spots off your close-up and parlour audiences. George Blake named this sort of magic as “Perverse Comedy” and when you present this in your...

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A Letter From Mum

Product ID: 4351

Here is a comedy card trick that simply has no equal. Use it anywhere, anytime. It is perfect for stage, cabaret, television, compere work or the comedy magician. I originally performed it at a comedy Red Nose event at a Student Union show and it b...

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Product ID: 4349

Eddie used this wonderful fun item in many of his close-up and walkabout shows. It has everything; novelty, comedy, audience participation and mystery! It is always ready to perform without any re-set or advanced preparation whatsoever. It’s the...

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Sal Piaacente Street Monte DVD plus The Perfect 3-shell Game - odd bin

Product ID: 4348

1 in stock. We completely sold out of this set about two years ago and I have just discovered one and only one, in stock. This is one of the oldest cons in history featuring Sal Piaacente (the Hitman of Magic) in your face DVD. You'll learn the game, t...

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Devil Knows

Product ID: 4347

Talking about the Devil and all his evil works, you show eight different picture cards faces upwards, explaining that the Devil invented the seven deadly sins; Gluttony, Wrath, Greed, Envy, Sloth, Pride & Lust, “And for good measure, while he was about...

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Symbolic Symbol Prediction

Product ID: 4346

Based on the forgotten magic of master showman Maurice Fogel. You as the master mentalist write your prediction and also hand out eight empty envelopes for examination. Next you show eight separate cards each with a different ESP style symbol whic...

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