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When we can all smile again - Close up & Zoom

Product ID: 4030

Enjoy performing something really topical; be the first to show it in your area. It's also great for Zoom performances! You Comment to your audience how unhappy everyone looks wearing their masks, and hiding our smiling faces, also reminding them how...

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Magicians Rope White - 30 feet.

Product ID: 4029

We have a few hanks of magicians rope a quarter of in inch thick (approx 6.35mm) in hanks of 30 feet long (approx 9m.14). This is ideal for rope cutting effects etc. No instructions included Picture shows 50 feet hank, 30 feet will of course be sm...

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Rabbit Surprise

Product ID: 4028

A white and a black rabbit placed inside two envelopes magically change places with each other, although the envelopes are marked black & white. Your audience suspects that the rabbit pictures are double-sided, and they are right, you show that the bla...

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Four Jacks & a Queen - Table Hopping Pro size cards

Product ID: 4027

The vanish of the queen in this effect is one of the neatest and utterly baffling that I have ever had the good fortune to perform. In the 1970s, I first put out this trick as a close-up item using five Thomas Cook bridge sized playing cards; it was a...

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ESP Cards Match

Product ID: 4026

Imagine an audience member freely using their latent extra sensory perception to choose one card as their prediction from ten different ESP cards of Circle, Cross, Wavy Lines, Square and Star. You turn your back and let the “psychic spectator” take...

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Birthday Brainwave - Table-hopping pro size

Product ID: 4025

You asked for a bigger professional sized version so here it is! Imagine being able to correctly name the month AND date of any stranger’s birthday! That is exactly what you do when presenting this terrific idea by Ken de Courcy using five small jumb...

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