Card Parade (jumbo size)

Card Parade (jumbo size)

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Parade of the Kings invented by Max Maven has been one of my favourite effects for some considerable time and has been featured in my close-up mentalism performances over several years.

The one snag I found was that the cards could not be passed out for examination and after being asked by audience members several times if they could look at the cards – I put on my thinking cap and came up with the following which I call Card Parade.

You show four face down jumbo size cards (and there really are just four cards) explaining that these are four picture cards for example four Kings.

Any spectator chooses any of the four suits used in a pack of cards – let us say that they choose the HEART suit, which he announces out loud. The selected card is thus the King of Hearts.

Without any false moves the four cards are spread and it is seen that one of the cards is FACE UPWARDS while the other three are face down – THE FULL FACE OF THIS CARD IS SHOWN – it is the King of Hearts – but here is more…

When the chosen card is turned over, it is seen to have a completely different coloured back to the other three but there is more…

When the other three cards are turned faces upwards the audience are in for a big surprise which we won’t reveal here – save to tell you it really is a fantastic climax to a wonderful effect!

Everything can be passed out to the audience for examination (no switching the cards) leaving you clean at the finish.

The cards are re-set in a moment ready for your next performance when a completely different card can be chosen – what more could you possibly want? Card Parade poker size will become a feature effect in both your close-up, parlour and stage work and it is very easy to do.

Comes complete with jumbo-sized playing cards & instructions.

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