Haunted House

Haunted House

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Whooooo - children love spooky ghost stories and this is a corker with some clever magic and the children making weird ghostly noises.

You tell the story and show a coloured picture of Johnny, a cheerful looking young boy wearing his red cap and blue shirt. Johnny loves playing jokes on people and is a bit of a dare devil to boot.

His friends decide to teach him a lesson so they tell him about an old haunted house and dare him to spend two nights by himself inside the house – being such a dare devil he couldn’t refuse.

You show a picture of the house colourfully printed onto a folder (approx 16.5 x 23 cm) the folder is opened to show it is empty and the colourful picture of Johnny
(12.5 x 18.5 cm) is placed inside.

Johnny made himself comfortable – eventually dropping off to sleep and as he slumbered it became very dark. The folder is turned about to show a picture of the house by moonlight.

Johnny’s friends were hiding in the bushes outside the house and started to make ghostly noises – whooo, whooo, eeeeeeee. At this point the children have a great time making ghostly sounds encouraged by you.

The noises woke Johnny and he was so scared that when he looked into a mirror he had gone grey with fright. The house is opened and it is seen that the entire colour has drained out of the picture leaving him looking a ghostly grey as per your story.

Johnny rushed back to bed and covered his head waiting for the morning when the sun would shine once again.

The folder is turned around again to show the bright colourful house – which is opened to show the colour had all returned to Johnny’s face. This business is repeated for the second night that Johnny is in the house with all the ghostly business once again.

But the children are suspicious, after all you are turning the house around – the Johnny picture must be double sided and they soon tell you so!

There is all the fun of ‘turn it around’ and when you do eventually show the opposite side of Johnny’s picture – there is a big surprise and not what the children expected at all – bringing the story to a logical and unexpected laughter & applause climax!

Comes complete and ready for you to perform with laminated cards, laminated folder & instructions.

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