Two-to-One Rope Trick

Two-to-One Rope Trick

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One of the best and certainly the easiest to do rope trick ever invented.

You show two short pieces of rope hanging over your hand – you take one rope into each hand when suddenly the two ropes magically merge together to make one long piece of rope.

You can now go on to prove that the rope has four ends – the audience simply won’t believe their eyes and then just as suddenly two ends disappear and you hold just one long length of rope once again!

You now tie a single knot in the piece of rope tossing it in the air and catching it again; mysteriously there are now three knots in the rope!

A great low-cost effect that is suitable for all ages and performance situations, children or adults.

No replacements are ever needed. A ready-to-perform rope effect that you will really enjoy presenting.

Comes complete with the properly made quality magicians’ rope that works a treat, full instructions, plus Eddie’s inimitable and entertaining patter routine.

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