Elimination KDC

Elimination KDC

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A clever Mental trick to carry in your pocket.

Introducing a cloth bag containing four different coloured balls you write out a prediction, which is left in full view.

Three spectators reach into the bag and remove one ball each (no force) leaving one ball for you, the performer, which you show, let’s say it is coloured BLUE.

When your prediction is opened by any spectator and read by them out loud it reads, ‘I predict that no one will select the blue ball!’ which proves to be 100% correct!

• Colour of the predicted ball can be different every time.
• Only one small bag is used & it is completely unfaked.
• The balls can be examined, no shells or similar used.
• Ideal for close-up, cabaret or stage performances.
• Carry it in your pocket - always ready to perform.
• Easy to do!

Comes with a small cloth bag, balls routine & instructions.

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