Sorcerer's Stone

Sorcerer's Stone

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This is a wonderful Colourful pocket trick & we only have a very limited few left in stock - sold on a first come - first served basis; Don't miss the boat.

While you are turned with your back and head facing away from your audience, a spectator freely places five different coloured stones in a row on the table in any order they wish (no force) without you knowing this order or peeking. They then MENTALLY choose one colour only in their mind.

You give the spectator some instructions eliminating four of the stones.

The freely MENTALLY selected stone that the spectator is only thinking of is the one that remains in front of the spectator!

They only reveal the mentally thought of colour at the very finish, it really really blows everyones mind.

The effect can be immediately repeated and everything can be examined.

This wonderful effect can be performed over the 'phone (no questions asked) With your participant use five objects of their own choosing.

Comes complete with attractive coloured stones, velvet carrying bag & instructions.

You never peek at the position of the stones

You can dress this up as Harry Potter routine! As "Rune Stones" are mention many times in the books. And amaze your spectators with a magic routine using such a famous character.

Great for restaurants, parties and any occasion.

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