Ken's Amazing Phantom Card Prediction

Ken's Amazing Phantom Card Prediction

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Showing a full deck of fifty-two playing cards (no duplicates or fake cards used) you remove the Joker and mix the pack, then allow your spectators to cut them as many times as they wish.

You then take the Joker or your business card and write a prediction message on its back.

Any spectator inserts the Joker face up anywhere into the face down deck and then the two cards either side of it are removed and turned faces upwards. Let’s say these are the Eight of Hearts and the King of Spades, you explain that these create the value and suit of a Phantom card somewhere in the pack being used, in this case it will be the Eight of Spades.

Your prediction is read and says how many cards down inside the deck the Phantom card just created is situated.

Your participant counts down in the pack to the position that was written upon your Joker card and it proves to be the very Phantom card just created!

Any deck of cards can be used even a jumbo one or a mini pack. De Courcy generally used a standard poker size, which he then used for other tricks.

No sleight of hand, no rough & smooth, no short tapered or long cards. No mental calculations – just an unbelievable prediction effect that you will be able to do ten minutes after reading the instructions. Works with any deck.

Comes with illustrated instructions. Use your own pack of playing cards and black marker pen.

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