Potter's Pentagram - Sold Out

Potter's Pentagram - Sold Out

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A close-up stunner with a Harry Potter theme! A deck of 25 cards with Harry Potter pictures is handed to a spectator to cut and select one. He places this card to one side without looking at it.

Next he divides the remainder of the cards into two piles. Turning the cards over a card from each packet at a time it is seen that the cards do not match each other.

Suddenly two cards have an affinity, they match - these two cards are placed to one side.

Suddenly two more cards match and they also match with the previous two matching cards - a four-card match.

Imagine everyone's amazement when the spectator turns over his previously selected card which he placed to one side at the start - to discover that it matches the other four cards exactly!

Comes complete with the special deck of cards & instructions.

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