Tick Tock Card

Tick Tock Card

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Here is a really great effect in which you not only correctly reveal the name of a playing card that your spectator merely thought of, but you also reveal an important hour of the day that the spectator is thinking of!

There is positively no force of either the playing card or the freely selected time of day and since nothing else is used save an ordinary spectator-shuffled pack – this is the ideal effect for table-hopping, street or close-up magic.

Nothing to get ready – just borrow a pack of cards and you are all ready to baffle & amaze even the most hardened and sceptical group of spectators.

This isn’t the effect where you form a clock face of cards on the table and you don’t need a large performance area to spread out the cards – it can be performed entirely in your own and the spectator’s hands.

Easy to do using no sleight of hand whatsoever!

Tick Tock Card is a truly baffling effect that you can and will use again and again anywhere – anytime!

Fully explained in the Mr. E value-for-money booklet.

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