Pop Up Tie - New-Style Gimmick

Pop Up Tie - New-Style Gimmick

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Eddie used one of these in his children's shows for many years, every time he said the magic words "Hi tiddly hi ti" the children were taught to call out "Hi ti!" and to Eddie's consternation his tie popped up - the children loved it!

This great comedy effect was dreamt up by Jack London.
At any time during the act or under impromptu situations, the magician can cause his tie to rise whenever he wishes.

The tie may remain in a horizontal position away from his body, as long as he likes! This is an unusual and hilarious trick!

Our new-style gimmick works with any tie and is under the complete control of the user. Totally self-contained and the durable mechanism lasts for ages and gives excellent service. Easy to fix and does not damage the tie.

Pop Up Tie comes with the special metal gimmick, instructions and suggestions for use.

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