Chinese Fanning Pack - Odd Bin Item

Chinese Fanning Pack - Odd Bin Item

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1 in stock. This is a very specially prepared pack of playing cards with which you can perform some VERY impressive flourishes, to create an impression of incredible skill.

Please don't confuse this with a regular fanning pack that uses fanning powder and has different coloured designs on the back - this is completely different and requires no skill whatsoever!

In fact, the flourishes are almost automatically performed with the specially prepared cards. You shuffle the cards, then make beautiful designed arches, wheels and rosettes, or perform a perfect Waterfall Shuffle with these marvellous cards.

The deck is some what similar to the Electric Deck with which most magicians are familiar, but the construction of this deck is quite different. As a result you can use both the long and narrow edges of the cards to make the designs, allowing you to produce a much greater variety.

The Chinese Fanning Deck is now again available, hand crafted in a Beehive back design deck, and comes complete and ready to work complete with instructions. 1 in stock.

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