Open Fronted Prediction

Open Fronted Prediction

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This was originally marketed by Eddie in the 1960’s through Magictrix and to great acclaim, but has long been off the magic market.

We are reintroducing this popular effect once again with a stylish imitation leather wallet, saddle stitched around three sides and with an open front. It’s the type of thing that people carry a bus or train pass in and being flat fits comfortably into your pocket, always ready to perform wherever a pack of playing cards can be borrowed.

The effect: You remove the wallet with its window side down and place it in full view on your table, explaining that it contains a single prediction card and please note, it really does only hold ONE card and the wallet is completely un-faked.

Borrowing a pack of cards or using your own you remove any Jokers and then thoroughly shuffle and cut the deck, handing it to any member of the audience.

The spectator now deals a pile of cards upon the table stopping wherever they like. The balance of the pack is placed to one side. The cards dealt are now dealt into four hands of cards and one of these is selected by any of your spectators.

One of the cards from the selected hand is now placed face down next to your wallet – it is obvious to everyone that the participant has been able to choose just one from several cards – the rest of the pack may be examined by anyone.

There are no duplicates or similar in the pack.
The single card in your wallet is now freely shown – let’s say it is the Two of Diamonds – the card can be varied from performance to performance.

Without exchange or funny business the spectator’s selected card is now turned face upwards – it also proves to be the Two of Diamonds making this the perfect close-up prediction effect you will perform often!

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