Twice Blank

Twice Blank

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Two playing cards are selected by cutting the deck in two piles. Four double-blank cards are shown and the packet is waved over the first pile. A card appears between the blank cards, say the Ace of Spades.

When the top card of the pile is turned over it is seen to be the Ace of Spades. The same thing is repeated with the second pile: The duplicate of the top card (say the Three of Hearts) appears between the blank cards.

Now you show that you have the Ace of Spades printed on one card and the Three of Hearts printed on another. Suddenly, the two cards BLEND together and you now have a double-faced card that can be examined as are the other cards!

Neat and baffling, as clean-cut a card effect as you will ever see anywhere.

Comes with special cards (use any deck) & instructions.

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