Bigger, Bigger, BIGGER

Bigger, Bigger, BIGGER

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If it’s laughter you’re after then this is for YOU!

Bigger, Bigger, Bigger is a truly exciting way to reveal a selected playing card that will have your audience laughing at your comical attempts to reveal the correct selected card.

A card is chosen and shuffled back into the pack – let’s say it is the Nine of Clubs (cards vary from set to set). You correctly reveal that the spectator is thinking of a black card, and it is a Club card, by apparently reading their mind!

However, you claim that you will now locate the correct card by your highly developed sense of touch and you bring forth a card from the pack; the Three of Clubs – they soon tell you it is the wrong card.

Is your card bigger or smaller you ask? “Bigger” they reply so you bring forth the Five of Clubs – the card has increased slightly in size but it’s still the wrong card.

“Bigger!” your audience shout so you locate another card and this has again increased in size the Eight of Clubs.

“Bigger!” they call and so you bring forward a truly giant card but this time with its back to the audience.

They reveal the name of the selected card the “Nine of Clubs” and you turn the card over to show that you holding the Nine of Clubs as you ask, “Is this one big enough?!”

Easy to do and simple to perform, nevertheless it will prove a BIG hit with any audience young or old. Reset in a moment for repeat performances.

Two different presentations are given one for stage and cabaret the other for close-up shows. Highly recommended!

Comes with instructions, the necessary accessories and the various sized display cards. Use any pack of playing cards for the actual selection.

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