Snake Eyes

Snake Eyes

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A whole lot of fun and is suitable for both your children and adults’ shows. Great for comedy magicians, walkabout or table magic causing great hilarity and comment at every showing!

Telling a story of an Eastern Mystic who was blind and befriended a snake who then became his constant companion and his eyes on the world, you have a playing card freely selected from a borrowed pack and shuffled back into the deck. No force.

Now you introduce a 60 cm painted wooden snake which is split into many sections allowing the snake to bend and twist realistically.

You are blindfolded by a spectator using a borrowed scarf or large handkerchief and only after this is in position is the shuffled pack is spread out with their faces down upon a table top or the floor.

Just like the blind Eastern Mystic you now only have the snake’s eyes to guide you.

Your pet snake wriggles and twists over the mixed up cards and finally picks out just one card which proves to be the very card that the spectator freely selected earlier!

Comes with the segmented wooden snake gimmicked for easy use. The snake can also be used for the well-known classic Adder Routine (explained in case you are not familiar with it) & instructions. Use any pack of playing cards.

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