McCombical Three & One Half - Giant A4 size

McCombical Three & One Half - Giant A4 size

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You ask a member of your audience to volunteer, seating him a little behind you. You now show a laminated Giant A4 size prediction card to the audience the Three of Clubs explaining that you will show how you can control the volunteer’s selection.

The prediction card is NOT shown to your volunteer but is left in full view of the audience.

Next you claim to be showing the four card suits naming them as “Hearts, Spades, Diamonds and Clubs!” But the audience are highly amused to see that you are already fooling the volunteer.

The volunteer chooses just one of the suits and it exactly matches the suit of your jumbo prediction card amid lots of laughter.

Now you give the hapless volunteer an ordinary unfaked die, which he is asked to roll and then add up the top and bottom numbers, that number is divided exactly in half and the volunteer secretly remembers it.

Picking up the jumbo prediction card you claim this will exactly match the number arrived at – please announce the number you say. The spectator calls out loud, “Three and a half!” How can that be? You cannot have a Three and a Half of Clubs! The audience are convinced it has all gone wrong!

After more by play, you once again show the audience the face of the jumbo card – it IS the THREE & A HALF OF CLUBS!

There is no switch of the jumbo prediction card and nothing else is used. It is very easy to do. When I sent this routine to Billy a few years ago he loved it, so will you!

Comes with the special ‘McCombical’ style Three and a Half Giant A4 size (approx 8 x 11 inches) prediction card, the four suit cards, Eddie’s routine & instructions.

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