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Master Hypnotist Peter Casson toured two different shows around the leading theatres of Great Britain for over fifty years – these being “Hypnotic Phantasy” and his unusual alternative show “The Supernatural” in which he featured his exclusive effect “Thought Photography”.

Peter left all his apparatus and books to me on his death together with permission to continue to present the show.

As far as I am aware Peter never explained his effect “Thought Photography” to any other person – it was the incredible passing of a single thought between two volunteer members of the audience and then to top it a spirit photograph was taken of the two volunteers which when projected onto a large portable screen there between the spectators was the very thought that they had earlier transmitted and received appearing like a ghost between them in the picture!

Although everything is explained in this absorbing booklet the Spirit Photography effect would require you to transport a projector and screen, not really practical unless you are performing in theatres as Peter did.
However a special version was devised and performed successfully in which two spectators ‘telepathically project’ a single word, drawing or picture between the two participants. They are not stooges or even made into instant stooges. Only simple properties were used being two pens & two large artist’s drawing pads.

At the finish the two spectators are just as bewildered by their success as are the rest of the audience!
In the right hands this thoroughly practical method would cause a sensation today!

All is explained in this Mr. ‘E’ booklet together with an appreciation and short history of a truly remarkable showman the irreplaceable Peter Casson.

Comes with A4 size 17-page photo-illustrated booklet.

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