Marked Prediction

Marked Prediction

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You show ten face up cards and only ten are used – no extras.

A spectator selects a face up card and another card is chosen by chance, these two cards are laid face upwards in front of the spectator alongside each other.

You now explain that the remaining other eight cards are marked on the back each with the name of a different playing card, but they do NOT match the regular cards on their faces, and the eight cards are now turned face down to show this is true. All the cards have red backs and are incorrectly marked with a marker pen as per the illustration.

One of the previously selected cards is now turned over to show that its marking exactly matches the face of the other selected card – let’s say it is the Jack of Spades.

An amazing coincidence but there is more to follow for when the Jack of Spades is turned face downwards it is the only card with a blue back – a double-whammy knock out climax and a real applause-puller!

The ten cards are now left for the audience to examine to their heart’s content. The effect can then be repeated at a further table using two totally different selected cards.

Marked Prediction is always ready to perform, no matter what the occasion!

Comes complete with quality Bicycle cards & instructions.

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