Die-Vination - Mre

Die-Vination - Mre

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This is an amazing prediction effect that can be performed with six borrowed objects or six playing cards.

You write a prediction which is left in full view and positively not exchanged or interfered with by you or anyone else in any way.

While your back is turned anyone rolls an ordinary regular die, which may even be borrowed, the number rolled is then hidden from your view.

The freely chosen number is used to count to one of six borrowed articles, such as keys, wallet, pen and so forth that are laid out in a row upon the table.

You have correctly predicted the chosen article with your prediction, which was left in full view from the start!

Alternatively, you have predicted which of six thoroughly mixed jumbo sized playing card lies at the freely rolled number!

There is no force of the number; it really is selected by chance and then hidden from your view.

Everything can be examined as nothing is faked in any way.
Die-Vination is very easy to do but truly baffling and has repeatedly puzzled some of the best brains in magic!

You can use any die and playing cards, we supply a large wooden die and six jumbo cards so you are ready to perform this winner straight away.

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