Finger Trap Deceptions

Finger Trap Deceptions

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You show a large Finger Trap, coaxing a spectator to place his forefingers into each end of it. The spectator soon discovers that their fingers are trapped so they have to step forwards and help you in your magic!

A second spectator chooses a playing card. This is torn into small pieces and placed inside a small envelope. The spectator keeps one piece of the card for checking later. The envelope containing the remains of the card is burned or shredded.

You now explain how the spectator removes his fingers from the trap – this they do, only to find a rolled up playing card inside it. The card is removed and unrolled –it is seen to be the very card selected earlier, completely restored – except for one missing piece.

The extra piece held by the second spectator is matched into the card & it fits perfectly, magically proving it is the very same card selected earlier!

Instead of a playing card, a borrowed banknote can be destroyed and found restored inside the finger trap.

Both you and the spectator wearing a finger trap throughout the effect can create much fun and amusement.

An alternative ‘Just Chance’ presentation is also explained, using three Finger Traps and a banknote.

All three effects are easy to do and great fun.

Comes with three colourful quality Finger Traps & instructions.

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