Repeat Marked Coin to Bread Rolls

Repeat Marked Coin to Bread Rolls

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Repeat Marked Coin to Bread Rolls is a classic of magic that is very seldom seen these days, yet it has made the reputation of more than one performer in the past.

This is ideal for the walkabout entertainer and close-up magician, yet is suitable for cabaret and stage use as well.

Consider this fantastic effect: A bread roll is impaled onto the point of an ordinary kitchen knife and given to a spectator to hold by the knife’s handle in full view.

A large coin (50 pence piece) is borrowed from an audience member. The coin is marked with a small sticker onto which the lender writes his initials.

The lender is also given a second bread roll impaled onto the point of a kitchen knife to hold in full view.

Comedy! Mystery! Drama! Suspense! Imagine the comical situation of the two spectators standing with the two bread rolls held in the air on the end of two knives.

Suddenly the marked coin, which has been in full view until this moment, vanishes!

The first participant takes her bread roll off their knife and breaks the roll in halves – inside is the missing marked coin.

Offering to repeat the effect and going nowhere near the lender of the coin, still standing with a bread roll over his head, you once again vanish the coin and the owner finds it now inside HIS bread roll!

A truly fantastic double-whammy effect that uses no magical props and is very easy to do yet looks highly skilful and magical.

Billy Day’s full routine plus a BONUS coin vanish by Marvillo of Germany. Needs just a little handling practice but you will be performing this is no time at all!

All is explained in the Mr.'E' booklet, no properties are supplied as these are ordinary; just two knives, two bread rolls and a borrowed and marked coin.

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