Copy Cats II

Copy Cats II

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Based on Nick Trosts’ effect ‘Copy Cats’ this is a winner for close-up performance and it is easy to do!

Several playing cards are face down in two piles cards and both you and a participant each select one pile, which you both shuffle and then put the cards behind your backs.

You now both secretly select a card and exchange it with the other person and then you each insert your new card face up into your face down packet.

When the two packets of cards are brought to the front and spread face down, both upturned playing card exactly match each other, for instance two Jack of Spades. (The traditional Nick Trost effect) but please read on….

The effect is now repeated a second time but this time without the cards going behind your backs and you both end up with say the Ace of Diamonds.

When the other ten cards are turned faces upwards your audience are in for an applause-pulling surprise as they are all blank-faced cards!

No sleight of hand is required.

Comes complete with with quality Bicycle cards & instructions.

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