Clear Forcing Case

Clear Forcing Case

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An item that has dozens of uses for the professional mentalist & magician; predictions, book tests, direct mind-reading, telepathy, ESP, you name it and this superb prop will help you to do it!

You place a prediction in full view, which is never touched by you again. A transparent plastic case with a zipped top similar to a clear pencil case, is introduced, inside can be seen a number of folded slips of paper.

These are checked and found to contain the names of various members of the audience. The zipped top is closed and the papers shaken and mixed. Any member of the audience now chooses one paper.

Using your “psychic powers”, you direct the participant around the room, finally instructing him to give the selected paper to another audience member.

This spectator opens the paper and checks the name inside – IT IS THIS AUDIENCE MEMBER’S VERY OWN NAME!

Your prediction is now opened and it is seen that you have also predicted by name the very audience member chosen!

This is only one of the astonishing effects possible with this exciting prop. There are dozens of other ways to use it.

Comes with the Clear Forcing Case (8.5 x 5.5", 21.5 x 13.5cm) & instructions.

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