Sitting, Talking Bear Puppet

Sitting, Talking Bear Puppet

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A cute Teddy Bear puppet is sitting on a chair or table to one side and you explain that he is feeling a little unhappy, unlike the boys and girls, he doesn’t have a name and wonders if he can borrow a name for the day from one of the children.

There’s a lot of fun explained in the routine as the children call out their names and you keep saying them wrong.

A selection of the names is written down and one of them is selected, let’s say the chosen name is ‘Thomas’. Which by ‘coincidence’ just happens to be the birthday boy’s name.

Any older child that can read or an adult that is present fetches Mr (or ‘Mrs’ if playing at a girls’ party) Bear to find he has a large luggage label fastened on a ribbon around his neck which they read out loud ‘My favourite name today is THOMAS Bear!’

THERE IS MORE: The birthday child is invited forward to place Thomas Bear on his knee and you show him how to operate the bear’s puppet mouth with their hand.

You interview the bear asking him questions & allowing the child to move its mouth in reply also encouraging the child to speak for the bear, usually with quite hilarious results.

Yes it’s a kind of ventriloquism act but without you having to learn ventriloquism!

Both the children and the mums & dads present absolutely love this presentation, frequently requesting it be included when booking a show. Easy to do.

Comes complete with well made Sitting Bear puppet (sitting height 10.5", 26.5cm approx) script & instructions.

Only £15.99

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