Russian Chance

Russian Chance

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A set of props to perform a "Russian Roulette" or "Just Chance" type trick with several very effective presentation possibilities.

We supply you with Russian Chance in a compact format which you can carry in your pocket for almost impromptu presentation, at a very low affordable Mr. E price.

You can just as easily adapt this to an audience of any size for a feature effect. The props can be examined, and the effect can even be repeated.

In its simplest form spectators choose envelopes, boldly numbered from one through to six, by rolling a single die.

You are left with the last envelope. Your envelope contains banknotes while the other five envelopes chosen by the spectators contain just blank papers!

In a more advanced form imaginative and experienced showmen could use this method in a novel game of Russian Chance!

The dice supplied represent old fashioned hand-made dice.

Only £7.50

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