Professor's Nightmare

Professor's Nightmare

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Possibly the best rope effect in the world it is performed by all the top professionals. Sometimes known as Unequal Equal Ropes.

You display three ropes of three different sizes, short, medium and long, the ropes can be examined by the audience and they will find nothing wrong.

You take the ropes back and fold each one in your hand so that all six ends of the rope are showing.

Taking three ends in each hand the ropes are magically stretched and are shown to be all the same length as each other.

A moment later they are back to their original size and can be tossed to the audience for examination without a clue to the mystery! Nothing except the ropes are used.

Or present them as three crazy wobbly magic wands of different lengths; you make them all the same length for the magic to work and then change them back to three different lengths once again.

Great to entertain children of adults.

Comes complete with quality cotton ropes; yellow with dark green ends (magic wand style) and instructions.

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