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My grandmother was a famous clairvoyant and read the cards at fayres and such like for most of her life becoming very well known, in time rich & famous people would consult her, even members of the Royal Family were intrigued with her predictions & messages.

"While I am not as good as she was – I can sometimes predict in a small way using the mystic methods she passed on. Just for entertaining purposes shall we give it a try?”

Thereby you introduce this effect and present a truly amazing prediction. You remove a pack of playing cards from its box and display just five cards all faces upwards. The spectator is asked to think of any one of the them.

Incredibly you have correctly predicted that chosen card with 100% accuracy, and the prediction never left the spectator’s sight!

Everyone we have shown this to has marvelled at its simplicity and the complete and utter deceptiveness of Take5.

It’s an easy-to-do stunning card prediction that is always ready to perform and absolutely guaranteed to blow their minds!

Please note:
*No sleight of hand involved
*No forces or stooges are used
*Perfect for table-hopping
*Includes intriguing patter suggestions
*Easy to do

Comes with illustrated 8-page booklet. Use your own playing cards.

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