Gambling Kings

Gambling Kings

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Here is one of Eddie’s favourite three-phase gambling theme routines, using only a regular pack of cards.

A regular pack of playing cards is shuffled and then a spectator cuts the pack into four piles and using his intuition, moves single cards from one pile to another.

When the top cards of each pile are turned over they prove to be the four Kings.

The two red Kings representing trumps are now placed on the spectator’s hand face down and you hold the two black Kings, at least that is what everyone thinks for when the spectator himself turns the cards over they have changed places, you have the two winning red Kings while the spectator is holding the losing black Kings.

Finally, the four Kings are dealt face down in a row on the table and three cards are dealt upon each King.

A spectator places his hand over one pile and you take the other three piles showing them one at a time – in each case the King has vanished from your piles and appeared under the spectator’s own hands for the spectator now holds all four Kings!

Our booklet explains a series of three effects that have stood the test of time and combined into one superbly baffling routine that Eddie has been performing on and off for the past four decades – you are going to love the simplicity of working and can use any pack of cards, even a borrowed one.

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