Egg Hunt

Egg Hunt

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Here is a fun effect for both your children’s and family Shows

You show six large colourful laminated pictures each approx 148 x 210, so large enough for all of your shows. Five of which have cute yellow Chickens printed upon them and the sixth having a large colourful looking Egg.

Three of the cards including the Egg Card are now turned with their backs towards the audience and mixed with the faces showing Chicken Cards.

The spectators are now invited to guess which of the face down cards has the Egg on it, yes, it is the popular game of ‘Hunt the Egg’ that everyone has played as a child and loved.

But no matter which card they choose they fail to find the elusive Egg. One card is now removed leaving four Chickens and the face down Egg card and thus improving the spectators’ odds – still they fail to pick out the card with the Egg.

The odds are continually improved for the spectators by removing one card at a time, four cards, three cards, two cards and still they lose.

It’s great fun as both the children and their parents take it in turns to guess but always they miss the Egg card completely!

Only one face down card left in your hand – surely it must be the Egg card – but no when this final card is turned over it too is a Chicken – where is the missing card? Well you take it from your pocket or elsewhere, where you claim it has been right from the start!

Resets in a moment & very easy to do. Comes complete with cards & instructions so you can perform it straight away!

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