Sandwich - Johnny Geddes

Sandwich - Johnny Geddes

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Here is a fun routine based on an idea by Johnny Geddes and now brought bang up-to-date with a terrific NEW climax!

A spectator mentally thinks of the filling inside his freely selected sandwich and you appear to read his mind and correctly reveal their choice – again and again.

Finally a spectator makes themselves a sort of treble-decker “Club Sandwich” with three different fillings and still you correctly reveal all three, in a stunning climax to this most unusual effect!

Sandwich really is 100% modern entertainment that is suitable for walkabout, cabaret, close-up, street magic or stage performances and yet is so very easy-to-do! No marked cards are used.

The specially printed A6 jumbo-size coloured pictures of various sandwich fillers make a superb display and the entertaining routine will keep your spectators both amazed and amused and hungry for more!

Comes complete with the A6 colourful picture cards & instructions at a super bargain price for such an outstanding novelty.

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