Jumbo Mop Top Pen

Jumbo Mop Top Pen

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Jumbo Mop Top Pen is a over-sized ball-point pen topped with a mass of weird wobbly 'hair'! The pen has a retractable nib and you or a spectator can write with them.

Jumbo Mop Top Pen is 30 cm in length and ideal for clowns or any style of performer who wishes to put a laugh in his show.

Used as a colourful magic wand the children will love it!

Hand it to a small boy whispering for him to mop you down while you are talking to the audience and you will bring the house down with fun and laughter!

You will soon be thinking of loads of ideas and bits of business with this ridiculous and comical prop.

Sold at a pocket money low Mr. E price.

Only £4.95

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