Halloween Mystery

Halloween Mystery

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Here is an effect that is not just confined to the Halloween season but can be performed to spooky effect - at any time of the year!

You show two sets of specially printed and laminated jumbo size cards, there are thirteen to each set and they represent thirteen completely different Halloween or spooky style pictures.

The backs of each set are different and also in keeping to the weird atmosphere that you create, just by showing these various colourful pictures.

Your spectator freely selects one set of spooky cards which you mix and shuffle. The cards are then dealt faces upwards in the two piles to show that the cards in each set are in a completely different order.

Both sets are turned faces down and your spectator again chooses one of the piles as his target pile, which he lays his hand over so there can be no hocus pocus or jiggery pokery and you freely mix the other pile as per the spectator’s instructions.

Both packets of cards are now dealt simultaneously one by one faces upwards by you and your spectator, and the cards have mysteriously arranged themselves into matching pairs of spooky Halloween pictures!

The cards can be freely examined and are instantly reset ready for your next showing.

Halloween Mystery comes complete with the twenty-six specially printed and laminated jumbo size colourful cards, plus full instructions.

Dead easy to do. Perfect for table hopping any time of the year!

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