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Only three of this delightful item is now available - once sold they are gone for good. During the 1950s, I was fortunate enough to see a magician on TV performing an effect in which a mechanical clockwork chicken discovered a selected card.

I think the card was forced and several duplicates were set out in a ring for the chicken to peck at.

No matter where the chicken stopped it was of course next to a card which was a duplicate of the selected one.

Since that time I have always been on the lookout for clockwork novelties and have used many over the years to duplicate this effect.

Without question the wind-up Caterpillar we now offer has been the most amusing and popular with audiences of all ages.

Since those early days I have also adapted an idea from a Douglas Hood effect that uses any regular pack, allowing the spectator a free selection of card from a well shuffled and shown deck.

We supply the chunky 8 cm Caterpillar with an ingenious wind-up movement that makes its body curl and stretch as it wriggles along on hidden wheels.

Caterpillar has one of the most efficient actions we have seen and is delightful to watch it in action.

Also includes an extra superb idea by Ali Bongo that you will love. Very easy to do.

Comes with Caterpillar (approx 8cms long) & instructions. Use your own pack of cards. Colour of Caterpillar may differ from picture shown.

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