Rabbit in Lettuce Puppet

Rabbit in Lettuce Puppet

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One of our best sellers! Who can resist our cuddly bunny rabbit? Certainly not your young audience! Puppet's height 13 inches, comes complete with his 6 Mini Friends. Plays for ten minutes. Children’s entertainers will LOVE this exciting puppet routine!

There is a profitable new market for the children’s entertainer who can put on entertainment for very young children. The ages start at three years and sometimes younger. The market is birthday parties, playgroups and similar functions yet there is a definite shortage of performers who are willing to take on these engagements, why? They just don’t have suitable material, well you do now!

You show the lettuce that you have purchased for your magic rabbit but you just cannot seem to find him. Each leaf of the lettuce has Velcro to hold it in place, which can be turned back to reveal a Mini Finger Puppet Friend which you take out and he comes alive to the delight of your young audience. There are six different mini puppet friends in all. You can show the children how they work by putting a finger inside each one in turn and wiggling it. Eventually you drop them into your magic tear-apart bag or similar prop, from where, after a magic word, they all vanish without a trace!

Despite the enjoyment of the Mini Friends – you just don’t seem to be able to find Mr Rabbit himself, where can he be? The children will soon tell you when they see his ears pop up from the centre of your lettuce – he even pops up when you are not looking, waves to the children and then goes down inside again. Experienced children’s entertainers don’t need me to tell them what a riot of fun this can be!

Eventually you catch him up to his tricks and end the routine by allowing the children to take turns in stroking your Magic Rabbit’s ears. Even the parents will love Rabbit in Lettuce!

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