Comedy Cake in Hat

Comedy Cake in Hat

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During the early part of my career most of my work as a professional magician came from the northern clubs and children’s shows.

This hilarious routine was always a feature of these, invariable it brought the house down with laughter, fun and applause!

You borrow a gentleman’s hat or jacket pocket, or alternatively a lady’s handbag. Your intention is to vanish an egg inside it, unfortunately the egg gets occidentally broken inside the hat.

Not wishing to waste the broken egg and in an attempt to clean up the borrowed article, you decide to use the hat to bake a cake.

So you pour in some flour and a jug of milk much to the owner of the hat’s alarm and consternation.

The laughter at your actions comes loud and long from the rest of the audience, as with a large wooden spoon you stir the gooey contents in order to mix the ingredients inside the hat or handbag.

A magic word however soon puts matters right and the hat is returned to the spectator – who when he reaches inside will be more than a little surprised to find a genuine cake (which can even be eaten!) and the hat is completely unharmed in any way.

The spectacular routine is revealed in our booklet and the chances are yEasy to do!

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