Foxy Rope Blend

Foxy Rope Blend

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When Karrell Fox first showed me his Foxy Rope Blend I couldn't’t believe my eyes, yet just like all of Fox's ideas the method was simplicity itself. You will love it and so will your audiences!

Two lengths of rope are given to be examined by a member of the audience, taking them back and holding them together you claim that you will cause both to magically join together as one long length of rope.

You make a false start however as the ropes refuse to co-operate.

This makes an excellent running gag throughout your show, which can be repeated several times to the amusement of your audience.

Finally you decide to try one last time and holding both ropes separately one in each hand, you place them together and then slowly draw your hands apart – as you do so, to the amazement of the entire audience, the ropes magically blend together from their centres until you are holding just one long length of rope, double the size, between your two outstretched hands!

No there are no ropes up your sleeves or similar, no magnets, threads, Velcro or press-studs are used.

The way the ropes apparently melt into each other has to be seen to be believed, this is an astonishing effect as well as being a truly entertaining routine.

Comes with the special set of quality magician's ropes, instructions & routine.

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