Clown Silks Set 18 inches - Odd Bin

Clown Silks Set 18 inches - Odd Bin

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1 in stock. Start with the colourless black & white clown silk.

Place the colourless clown silk in a changing device such as a changing bag.

The 18" clown silks will also fit into a dye tube so you can make the change in your hand.

Once the colourless clown is in the changing device ask the audience to share their smiles. Tell them there is magic in their smiles.

Open up the changing device and show that now the clown is colourful and the colourless clown is gone!

Ideal to use with our Magic Colouring Wand.

Comes with routines by Dauane Laflin & Vincenzo Di Fatta, together with the two 18-inch Clown silks, one in black & white and the other in full colour. 1 in stock.

Only £9.99

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