Follow the Leader Mre

Follow the Leader Mre

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You really should include Follow the Leader in your card work; it is audience participation at its very best!

Offering to give a demonstration of how to learn a magic trick, you deal five cards each to as many spectators as wish to take part, also taking five cards yourself.

Slowly one card is reversed and put on the bottom of the stack, everyone does the same.

A second card is removed from top to bottom – they all do the same and so on.

You now show that all your cards face the same way but the spectators' cards do not!

Offering to make it easier you all discard one card each making four cards in play.

Moves are repeated with everyone doing the same as you – your cards again all face the same way and the spectators do not, yet they followed every move you made.

Again everyone discards one card and the results are the same with three and finally two cards!

It’s a real laughter puzzler that everyone will enjoy participating in. Use your own pack of cards. Easy to do!

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