Tarzan & Jane

Tarzan & Jane

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This is a classic effect in magic using simple props. Ideal for your walkabout, close-up, children or adults' shows.

You tell a story of Tarzan & Jane swinging from trees in the jungle, linking two large different coloured rubber bands, one inside the other, and then hang both loops of one from a small magic wand, with the other dangling below.

Both ends of the magic wand are then securely held by a spectator and the bands are swung to and fro in Tarzan & Jane style below the magic wand but still linked together.

As the story progresses they instantly and magically change places with each other several times in the most bewildering manner, first one rubber band is linked onto the magic wand and then the other one, while both bands are still linked one within the other.

Finally, one of the bands magically penetrates off the wand leaving both bands separate and yet the ends of the magic wand are still tightly held by the audience member!

This is a remarkable trick that is easily carried in your pocket; it requires no previous preparation or set-up, yet is very easy to do.

Instead of the magic wand you can use a spectator’s finger and thumb with the tips tightly together, or even a large paper clip.

Comes with Jumbo Bands, paper clip, mini Wand & instructions.

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