Magic Doodle Pen - Odd Bin Item

Magic Doodle Pen - Odd Bin Item

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1 in stock Magic Doodle Pen is a new scientific invention that can apply to magic to create lots of new unusual and entertaining visual effects never seen before.

Imagine if you can: Draw a tattoo on your arm and move it to another spot!

Draw a coin in your hand and visually turn it into a real coin!

Make an aeroplane or an elephant vanish right in your hand!

Reveal predictions with no force!

Visually transform words and numbers!

Perform the Three-Shell Game without the shells and the pea standing up! and lots More!

Packs so small, plays so big! Perform it anytime, anywhere you don't need playing cards, a table or close-up mat. You don't even have to be wearing any clothes!

Just carry a Magic Doodle Pen and you are always ready to do some close up miracles!

Comes with TWO Magic Doodle Pens & instructions. 1 in stock.

Only £12.99

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