Famous Film Star Test

Famous Film Star Test

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You place an A6 card face down as your prediction right at the start of the effect.

A well shuffled pack of playing cards is now introduced and two volunteers are each given half of the pack and the first volunteer shuffles his packet and turns them faces upwards, then selects any card while they are in his own hands. Let’s say he selects a Four.

He is handed a card that lists the names of ten different famous film stars and calls out the name indicated by his freely selected number – let’s say he calls out Elvis Presley. He turns over the prediction card (no exchange) and it is a picture of his selection Elvis Presley!

The second volunteer now selects any face down card from her packet (again no exchange) and let’s say she selects a Ten, the tenth name on the self-same list proves to be Marilyn Monroe.

She now turns over the list of film stars that are in her own hands (positively no exchange), this contains a glamorous picture of her selected film star Marilyn Monroe – a double-whammy prediction effect that will give your fellow magicians goose pimples and sleepless nights trying to figure this one out!

Comes complete with laminated A6 size cards (approx 5.5” x 4”) large enough for table-hopping but small enough to fit into your pocket. You can use any normal pack of 52 playing cards which may be left for examination and the method is very subtle and extremely easy to do!

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