New Mentalist Pad - Small size

New Mentalist Pad - Small size

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The O'Connell New Mentalist Pad is a pocket notecase for the "Any number effect." The best you can get.

Three or more people in your audience write a number on the New Mentalist Pad (specify how many digits).

Another person is asked to add up the numbers and call out the total.

The total will be the same as your prediction! Present this great trick however you wish.

The quality and the design of the New Mentalist Pad will allow it to be freely handled and written on by your helpers.

Made from quality genuine black leather.

Ideal to perform Mel Mellors' Shirt Prediction - A superb mind-reading plot that ends with the magician nearly losing his shirt - literally! You will find this explained on Mel Mellors' Tickling the Mind DVD advertised elsewhere on our website.

Small size approx. 125 x 75 mm.

Only £35.99

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