Programmable Magic Fan

Programmable Magic Fan

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Make your very own messages! This spectacular fan can store up to FOUR different ones.

Imagine approaching a table full of guests saying, “Are any of you magic fans? Don’t worry I have brought my own fan with me!” You show the fan then click it on, when it starts to spin in large bold letters it displays the message: HI MAGIC FANS What a fantastic way of introducing yourself!

You further explain that your fan can read minds and so you have a card selected (or a word, number etc) the spectator merely thinks of his selection and you hang the fan around their neck – where the Fan starts to spin revealing in bright colourful letters the name of their selected card!

But that’s not all, the Fan can now read a second spectator’s mind revealing their word, card or number bringing you more amazement and applause.

Yes and there is more – for when you leave the delighted guests the fan can say GOODBYE or DISPLAY YOUR NAME!

What a great way to impress your name on your audience so they will never forget who the “clever magician” was that entertained them in such a novel and original manner. This will really bring in those repeat bookings! And its magic you can even do in a noisy or poorly lit room.

Comes with the Programmable Magic Fan into which you can program your own messages, together with suggestions & tips for 30 super stunts. (Batteries cannot be sent by post so you will need to use your own 3 x AA batteries).

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