Not Another 3-Card Trick/Cloned DVD + Special Cards

Not Another 3-Card Trick/Cloned DVD + Special Cards

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A goodie-bag of Paul Hallas packet trick treasures. This terrific teaching DVD contains two of Paul Hallas's superb close-up effects and includes the necessary special Cards for you to learn and then present them to baffle your audiences.

Effect number one: Not Another 3-Card Trick.
This is one of the best 3-card packet tricks using four cards! Hallas gives you step-by-step instructions how to perform this great packet trick.

Not Another 3-Card Trick is a fantastic visual opener and is probably the easiest trick you will ever learn! You will astonish and amaze your audiences with Not Another 3-Card Trick.

Effect number two: Cloned.
Explore the wonderful magic of cloning! Hallas will teach you step-by-step how to perform this splendid packet trick that has a truly great ending that will stun and delight your audience!

Don't worry, cloning is perfectly safe, just ask the animals on these specially printed cards.

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