UnBILLievable Money Magic DVD

UnBILLievable Money Magic DVD

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Do you wish to learn amazing magic with money? well everything is revealed step-by-step on this instructional DVD just for you!

Indulge in a selection of top money effects that have even fooled some of the best names in magic.

Brian Thomas Moore will take you on your journey into learning marvellous magic with money!

Included on this DVD:
Two-Bill Monte, Gimmick Essembly, The Flash Bill, 1 to 5 Trick, Rip & Restore Bill, Practical Joke, Who's On Top, Ripped & Fixed (2 great versions!), Fake Money Rip & Restore and Happy Ending Bill.

Good old Bill! Sold at a great low price that won't break the bank!

Only £9.99

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