Knockout Deck - Bicycle

Knockout Deck - Bicycle

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Here is a superb deck of cards to present a truly amazing effect.

Show a pack of RED-backed Bicycle cards front and back and have one merely peeked at by an audience member.

Immediately you can name the peeked at card, but there is more.

Once the selected card has been named you can ribbon spread the deck across the table and all the cards have magically changed to the selected card - there is more.

Turn the deck over and spread again and all the backs have changed to BLUE - but there is more.

Spread the cards again and they have all changed back to a regular pack of red backed cards!

Please note: *No rough & smooth or sticky substances are used. *The pack is completely self contained. *No long & short Svengali style cards. *Dead easy to do.

Comes complete with the special Knockout Bicycle Deck & instructions.

Only £9.95

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