Zig Glue Pen

Zig Glue Pen

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These remarkable glue pens have taken the magic world by storm and are a real boon for card magicians and mentalists, allowing you to perform some really stunning effects.

The pens clip into your jacket pocket like a regular pen and so are always ready to use.

Each pen contains a goodly supply of special two-way glue. Apply it to a playing card then use it immediately and it will form a permanent bond to any other card placed on top of it.

However, if you allow the glue a few moments to set before use, it turns clear but remains sticky – similar to a post-it note – this remarkable feature allows you to perform an almost endless array of magical effects, for example:

Have a card freely named and immediately show that the spectator has named the only red-backed card (and there really is only one red-backed card) in a blue-backed pack.

Show four of a kind – say four Kings and have any spectator freely name any one of the four suits and show this card is the only one that has a large black cross permanently drawn on the back!

Perform Fred Lowe’s wonderful ‘Fred’ trick with any pack of cards – even a borrowed one.

Have a card freely chosen from your face down pack only to show that you have already predicted that very card or that it matches the only card in your wallet that has been in full view from the start.

Vanish any freely chosen card from the pack in the twinkling of an eye!

Comes with the Zig Glue Pen, several clever ways to use these versatile pens & instructions.

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