Silks from Newspaper

Silks from Newspaper

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An unprepared sheet of newspaper, shown both sides, is placed over the right hand. Punching a small hole in the paper, you reach into the hole and pull a colourful silk handkerchief halfway out of the paper.

The newspaper is turned over and the silk is seen to be hanging on both sides of the hole.

You make another hole and produces another silk handkerchief.

Altogether, four silk handkerchiefs are produced.

The newspaper is then torn into small pieces and tossed into the audience.

Please note that the newspaper is quite unprepared and could even be borrowed.

You will need four 12" silk handkerchiefs to perform this effect as none are supplied - see elsewhere on our website for our extensive range of quality silks.

Comes with the clever secret something that makes this work like a dream & instructions.

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